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Answering the buyers solicitors additional enquiries

One of the most burdensome things sellers will have to face when selling their home is answering

enquiries raised by their buyer’s solicitors. So what exactly are enquiries?

Enquiries are simply questions that the buyer’s solicitors will be asking about your current property,

these can be as simply “please confirm whether the property has a back garden” toones which due

to their nature could course unwanted delay to the transaction, such as “please ask the Managing

Agent to confirm …”

The reason why these are raised is because as a solicitor you are under an obligation to investigate

and learn as much about the property your client is buying as possible. Sometimes the best way to

discover this information is to simply ask the seller the questions.

For a seller, the best advice would be to gather as much paperwork and guarantees as physically

possible so that you are ready to respond to anything that could be raised. However, sometimes this

is not possible because the enquiries need to be referred to the Managing Agent.

In recent experience Managing Agents can take anywhere between 24 hours to 2 weeks for them to

respond to any enquiries raised. This is also important for the seller to know, because it most often

is the reason why the sale transaction is delayed.

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