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A V Rillo & Co and Help to Buy

A V Rillo & Co and Help to Buy

With house prices rising apparently without end, the Government Help to Buy scheme may be one way that people can get a foot on to the bottom rung of the housing ladder.

What is the Help to Buy scheme, and how can A V Rillo & Co help?

The Help to Buy scheme started in England in April 2013. Applying only to newly-built properties, under the scheme the government offers a 20 per cent equity loan to the buyers, who have to have saved a 5 per cent deposit. There is a maximum purchase price of £600,000. The hope is that the scheme will be of assistance to first-time buyers. A V Rillo & Co can supply information about other ways that this first purchase can be made easier.

A V Rillo & Co – first time buyers

Solicitors such as A V Rillo & Co are a vital source of information for people trying to buy their first home.

A V Rillo & Co – the cost of buying a home

A V Rillo & Co appreciate that buying a first home is an expensive business, and the additional costs involved appear at a time when budgets are already stretched. However, saving money on conveyancing can be a false economy.

A V Rillo & Co – saving time and money

Whilst the house purchase is going through the conveyancing process, the buyer is likely to be involved in paying for both their old and new housing costs. A V Rillo & Co appreciate that saving money on conveyancing is a false economy if it delays the date at which the buyers can move in to their new home.

A V Rillo & Co – expediting the conveyancing process

Because of their experience and expertise, A V Rillo & Co can reduce the period spent on conveyancing to a minimum. This is likely to save money far more effectively than a cut-price conveyancing service which ends up taking longer.

A V Rillo & Co – helping first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder

The first priority of first-time buyers should be, not to find the cheapest possible services, but to choose a solicitor who can use their expertise to give their house purchase the best possible chance of successful completion.

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