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New homes must be built!

Assistant editor for The Spectator Isabel Hardman, has issued a statement suggesting that Communities

Secretary Greg Clark will be dismissed if the number of homes built in the next few years doesn’t increase.

She says David Cameron has a “new sense of mission” and wishes to take advantage of both the Conservatives’

unanticipated parliamentary majority and Labour’s internal disputes to achieve the party’s key goals.

In The Times Hardman says: “Some ministers have been left in no doubt that if they don’t deliver the PM’s

priorities, they’ll lose their jobs. Greg Clark, for instance, will be sacked as Communities Secretary if he fails to

get more homes built and reverse the decline in home ownership over the next few years.”

Between 2001 and 2011, the UK saw its first drop in home ownership for a century, this is according to figures

from Office of National Statistics.

Roughly 64% of the 23.4m households in England and Wales were owner-occupied in 2011, which is a

decrease from 69% in 2001. Rented households were accounting for 36% of those in England and Wales, an

increase from the 31% in 2001.

According to the National House Building Council there has been a 12% quarterly rise in the number of new

homes registered across the UK in the second three-month period of 2015, although in London where the

housing shortage is clearly apparent and critical, new home registrations dropped by 16.2% in the first half of


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