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Avrillo have many years experience within the law industry which shows in the excellent reviews they receive. Using this wealth of knowledge we go out and review top industry firms & tools. We also add reviews of Avrillo and show the feedback that the compay has received.

The element of writing on conveyancing

Working in the legal profession, you spend your day corresponding to clients, other solicitors and

other third parties involved in your transaction. In convenyancing these third parties would be estate

agents and lenders.

Whilst telephone calls are important and often necessary to explain a certain point, we still spend

the majority of our time writing e-mails and letters. For this reason there are a few points which

need to be kept in mind.

Firstly, know your audience. You would not write to a solicitor and client in the same way, this is why

it is very important to know who you are talking to. As any written correspondence will be

automatically saved in the company’s electronic file or printed and achieved in the paper file it is

important to address people correctly. A point of advice would be not to over complicate your

wording for your clients.

Secondly, know the reason for writing. It is very important to the reason why you are corresponding

with another person. It is important to know whether you are initiating the correspondence or

writing in reply of correspondence received.

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