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What are major works?

Major works are large building projects which can you as a homeowner a significant amount of

money. These works include a variety of services, such as repairs to the structure of the building,

replacing old items such as windows and heating systems, maintenance, such as painting the outside

of the building) and over all improvements to the building, such as fitting a door-entry system.

As it can be assumed these because of their nature, these works need to be carefully planned due to

their cost implication and the type of work involved.

Deciding on what type of works needs to be carried out requires planning in advance on behalf of the

landlord or managing agent for the particular block in question.  Once the works have been decided

and they are planned to go ahead, the tenants of the properties that will be affected and receive a

benefit from the major works, will need to contribute their proportion of the total cost.

In order for them to this, they will need to be given notice of the specific works planned to take place.

This formal notice is required under section 20 of the Landlord & Tenants Act 1985, commonly known

as section 20 notice.  This formal notice is required to be served where the proposed works to be

carried out is estimated to cost over £250 per lessee.

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