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Reviews of Avrillo

Avrillo have many years experience within the law industry which shows in the excellent reviews they receive. Using this wealth of knowledge we go out and review top industry firms & tools. We also add reviews of Avrillo and show the feedback that the compay has received.

Women in the city

A recent survey shows that women comprise as little as 24% of partnership at the average

commercial law firm in the UK. However, the number of woman pursuing training contracts and

qualifying in the legal profession has grown immensely, so why do the partnership levels remain so


As little as 2 out of 100 law firms that were surveyed have a partnership with more than 50% women

So why is that the more and more woman are qualifying into the profession, however, their

demographic isn’t evenly represented in roles of high seniority. This obviously reflects that gender

equality is still a big issue which needs to be addressed in the profession.

Women are still been discriminated against for reason of maternity and wanting to juggle a

professional and family life.

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